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Autumn Embers (Two Voices)
Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth - The School Song (Unison)
In Other Days (Soprano & Contralto)
New Tomorrows (Soprano)
New Tomorrows (Soprano) [Original Ending]
The Lone Ar-ranger goes Vocal! (SATB)
The Violet (Soprano)
Thy Days Are Done (Tenor)
Time from 'The Antiquary' (SATB)
You and Me (Soprano) [Johnson transc PRB]
When Peace Might Come (Soprano & Contralto)
When Peace Might Come (SATB)
When Peace Might Come (TTBB)
When Peace Might Come (TTBB Unaccompanied)


Dick Whittington and his Cat (Vocal Score) [Libretto also available]

Individual Numbers from Act I
London Market
I'll Never Regret
The Maypole Rock
King Rat
When A Young Man Loves
We're Closing
It's No Good Sitting At Home
Rat Dance

Individual Numbers from Act II
Heigh Ho!
Storm Music & Dance Of The Waves
Dance Of The Fishes
Britannia's Song
Sultan's Song
Rat Song (Reprise)
Harem Dance & Knees Up!
Hurrah For Dick Whittington!
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