Various Instrumental
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Bramstedter Marsch! (Orchestra)
Can-Can alla Rossini! (Orchestra)
Lochardil Dances (Orchestra)
Princess Gráinne's Air & Jig (Orchestra)
Samba..alla Turca! (Orchestra)
The Lone Ar-ranger! (Orchestra)
The Lone Ar-ranger! (Solo)
Tootie-Flooties! (Orchestra)


Can-Can alla Rossini! (Quartet)
Can-Can alla Rossini! (Sextet)
Charleston Medley (Quartet)
Five-note Fox-trot! (Quartet)
Kirchensonate für vier Blockflöten (Quartet)
Samba..alla Turca! (Quartet)
The Colonel's Bogey [Alford arr PRB] (Quartet)
The Lone Ar-ranger! (Quartet)

Piano Trio

Can-Can alla Rossini!
The Lone Ar-ranger!
The Robin's Return
(See PRB Novelty Piano Series)

String Quartet

Princess Gráinne's Air & Jig
The Lone Ar-ranger!


Bramstedter Marsch! (Special Arrangement)
Fanfare for Brass & Organ
Samba..alla Turca! (Percussion Ensemble) 
The Lone Ar-ranger Goes Mixed Ensemble!
The Lone Ar-ranger! ('Oom-Pah' Band)
The Lone Ar-ranger! (Two Violins & Two Cellos)
The Lone Ar-ranger! (Violin & Cello)
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Various Instrumental
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